My name is John. Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve had a lot of shit happen in my personal life. As a means of escape I have provided myself with this blog to talk about my collection of toys and video games as well as any other pop culture I feel like bloviating about. The idea for this came to me one day when I was up in the attic and came across a big box of action figures. I noticed myself smiling, something I hadn’t been doing much of recently. Certain toys elicited specific memories that have laid dormant for quite some time. I do believe that by featuring some of what I have that some sense of the story of my life can be attained. I also just want to have fun and talk about Star Wars a lot, so there’s that.

So, yeah, I obviously plan on talking about my toys but I also thought it would be fun if I chronicled my attempt to collect an entire toy line that I slept on in my youth. You’ll find that much of what I have to say is tangential to discussion about the actual toys themselves. That’s part of my charm though. I love a good tangent!

I have some ideas for this thing I’m still mulling over. I am one of the world’s foremost procrastinators. I write out all of my posts long hand in a little notebook I keep and inevitability put off all efforts to translate them over to this medium. This blog is very much an attempt to break some old habits. I always have shit to say and never the discipline to actually do so with any kind of regularity or structure. This is a work in progress in that regard…bear with me and thanks for reading!